github cerberusxdev/cerberus v2019-10-13

The changes are:

FIX: [ANDROID] change file permission of gradlew in template. (Author: Dawlane)
MOD: [ANDROID] added 64bit libs to the target, to support Googles changes in August 2019.
FIX: [TRANS] Fixed CopyFile for Linux to preserve file permissions. (Author: Dawlane)
FIX: [TED] Fixed symlinks opening a second file when DebugStop is used. (Author: Dawlane)
MOD: [TED] Another attempt at fixing the capitalization of the API.
MOD: [TED] Moved Open Project from the BUILD menu to the FILE menu.
MOD: [TED] Replaced Options dialog with a similar one like from Dawlane's version of TED.

       This dialog is much smaller and so can be displayed on small screens two.

FIX: [TED] CTRL+PgDown and CTRL+PgUP now works on Linux to switch between open code tabs.
MOD: [TRANS/GLFW] On Windows you can add an app icon (.ico file) now via the new #GLFW_APP_ICON preprocessor setting.
FIX: [OSX] Recompiled the launcher as a 64bit app, so it is compatible with OSX Catalina (10.15.x).
FIX: [MOJO1] Fixed missing usage of frame parameter in DrawImage9P. (Author: Rich)
MOD: [WIN8/WINPHONE8] Depreciated these targets.

                  If you need them, move them out of the targets/depreciated folder.

MOD: [TRANS/ANDROID] Reactivated logcat filtering.
NEW: [Examples/MOJO2] DrawPrimitives2 shows how to use the DrawPrimitives method to draw several images at once.

latest release: v2020-05-09
16 months ago