github cerberusxdev/cerberus v2019-05-05

The changes are:

MOD: [ANDROID] Changed MIN_SDK back to 16 like it was before.
MOD: [DOCS] Added A-Z shortcuts on top of indexes.
MOD: [Trans/ANDROID] Release builds are installed automatically now.
FIX: [AGK] Fixed docs creation to be compatible with the latest MakeDocs.
FIX: [MAKEDOCS] Fixed brl.markdown bug.
FIX: [TED] Fixed fixed displaying an iframe element in the docs. (Author: Dawlane)
FIX: [TED] Fixed scaling issues when displaying images.
NEW: [TED] Added overwrite mode. Just press the insert key to toggle it.
NEW: [MOJO2] Added Image.LoadFrames:Image[]( path:String,cellWidth:Int,cellHeight:Int,padded:Bool=False,xhandle:Float=.5,yhandle:Float=.5,flags:Int=Image.Filter|Image.Mipmap,shader:Shader=Null ).
NEW: [MOJO.APP] Added SetDeviceWindowIcon( _path:String ).
NEW: [MOJO.APP] Added SetDeviceWindowTitle( _title:String ).
NEW: [MOJO.APP] Added SetDeviceWindowSize( _width:Int, _height:Int ).
NEW: [MOJO.APP] Added SetDeviceWindowPosition( _x:Int, _y:Int ).
NEW: [MOJO.APP] Added SetDeviceWindowSizeLimits:Void( _minWidth:Int, _minHeight:Int, _maxWidth:Int, _maxHeight:Int )
NEW: [MOJO.INPUT] Added SetMousePos:Void( _x:Int, _y:Int ).
NEW: [MOJO.INPUT] Added SetClipboard:Void( _text:String ).
NEW: [MOJO.INPUT] Added GetClipboard:String().
NEW: [MOJO.COLOR] New module.

latest releases: v2020-05-09, v2019-10-13
22 months ago