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Centrifuge v2.0.0 Release - RC6

latest releases: v0.11.0-rc3, v0.11.0-rc2, v0.11.0-rc1...
3 years ago

This release brings up the Centrifuge Chain close to the latest released Substrate v2.0.0-RC6.
Since there were storage structure changes and hasher changes this is consider a special release. This means that for current validators/nodes a two step process will need to be performed to ensure no validation and network disruption.

Based on the following PR: #270 , highlighting:

  • Hasher migrations
  • Anchor migrations
  • Added Proxy pallet
  • Disabled MultiAccount Creation (MultiSig + Proxy should be used instead)
  • 7 Day Council Term Duration

srtool summary:

    Generator  : srtool v0.9.5
    GIT commit : a960a81fbb96bee764f3a07d7397eb00ee6001fe
    GIT tag    : v2.0.0-rc6
    GIT branch : HEAD
    Time       : 2020-09-28T21:00:32Z
    Rustc      : rustc 1.47.0-nightly (9b88e0a86 2020-08-15)
    Size       : 1951 KB (1998202 bytes)
    Content    : 0x0061736d0100000001b2033b60037f7f...3061383620323032302d30382d313529
    Package    : centrifuge-chain-runtime
    Proposal   : 0x3bbe4026267d1e1164c55a989e244ae03a5760169f115320727527e0eca5f05b
    SHA256     : 58302c15a1018ceac95fe5f39f2d2aa5a16223d55300bf8cfaaefdd196c45ab2
    Wasm       : ./target/srtool/release/wbuild/centrifuge-chain-runtime/centrifuge_chain_runtime.compact.wasm

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