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Client v0.10.39: Centrifuge 1028

latest releases: v0.11.0-rc3, v0.11.0-rc2, v0.11.0-rc1...
2 months ago

Upgrade Priority:

  • Full Nodes: Low - No need to upgrade if you are already on Client v0.10.36+
  • Collators: Low - No need to upgrade if you are already on Client v0.10.36+


  • Fix: Unblock update_collection call by reducing PoV requirements
  • Fix: Registers active loans of Anemoy Pool in OracleCollection pallet


✨ Your Substrate WASM Runtime is ready! ✨
Summary generated with srtool:1.75.0-0.14.0:
 Package     : centrifuge-runtime v0.10.28
 GIT commit  : 1a9e385
 GIT tag     : v0.10.39
 GIT branch  : main
 Rustc       : 1.75.0 (82e1608df 2023-12-21)
 Time        : 2024-03-29T08:13:40

== Compressed
🏋️  Runtime size:             1.806 MB (1,893,411 bytes)
🗜  Compressed:               Yes, 78.52%
✨ Reserved meta:            OK - [6D, 65, 74, 61]
🎁 Metadata version:         V14
🔥 Core version:             centrifuge-1028 (centrifuge-1.tx2.au1)
🗳️  Blake2-256 hash:          0x944d685968ef5ab95688af096c758e5c7141ad1d259c32ce4878dfff0d6bbaa6
📦 IPFS:           
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Docker Image: docker pull centrifugeio/centrifuge-chain:main-1a9e385-2024-03-29

Full Changelog: v0.10.38...v0.10.39

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