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Centrifuge Client v0.10.35

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6 months ago

Upgrade Priority:

  • Full Nodes: ❗️ High ❗️ - Please upgrade as soon as possible.
  • Collators: Medium - Please upgrade at your earliest convenience.

Upgrading before executing the corresponding runtime upgrade should not introduce block production issues.

Be aware that there are several breaking changes for node operators. It's important to read the following section carefully due to these breaking changes!

Client: Breaking Changes

The upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.43 inherited a plurality of breaking changes, mainly affecting node operators.


See Polkadot v0.9.43 release:

This release removes the following CLI parameters:

--rpc-max-payload (replaced by --rpc-max-request-size and --rpc-max-response-size)
--ws-external (replaced by --rpc-external)
--unsafe-ws-external (replaced by --unsafe-rpc-external)
--ws-port (replaced by --rpc-port)
--ws-max--connections (replaced by --rpc-max-connections)
--rpc-http (replaced by --rpc-addr)
--rpc-ws (replaced by --rpc-addr)

Relaychain folder renaming

Another inheritance from the Polkadot release is the forced default relaychain directory name. It was changede fro relaychain to polkadot.

For Centrifuge Chain docker clients, we have fixed the issue by renaming the directory via an entrypoint script. However, if you are running the client with another method, you need to do this manually to circumvent resyncing the entire relaychain.

Docker: Unix permissions

We optimized our docker image by decreasing the size by roughly 20% 🚀

Moreover, the security was optimized. On the one side, vulnerabilities went from 10 High and 200 Medium to 0 High and 5 Medium. On the other side, the container is not run by root anymore. Instead, it is run by centrifuge user with user id 1000.

Unfortunately, the latter change is breaking for anyone using docker and assuming running as root by default. In this case, you either need to force the container to run as root or make sure all mounted directories have the right permissions for centrifuge user with id 1000. For Kubernetes, an init container can be added to modify permissions as root before the actual container starts:

  - name: init-container
    image: busybox
    - 'sh'
    - '-c'
    - |
      chown -R 1000:1000 /data
      chown -R 1000:1000 /config
    - mountPath: /config
      name: config-volume
    - mountPath: /data
      name: storage-volume 

Docker: New name tag syntax

In the past, the docker tags could not be linked to official releases without checking the release notes. Moreover, release and dev tags could not be distinguished. We have introduced latest tag which pins the latest official release.

There are five types of docker tags:

  • Latest official version: latest tag
  • Releases mainnet build: ${TAG}-${SHA}-${YY-MM-DD} tag
    • Releases testnet build: test-${TAG}-${SHA}-${YY-MM-DD} tag
  • Push to main branch mainnet build: main-${SHA}-${YY-MM-DD} tag
    • Push to main branch testnet build: test-main-${SHA}-${YY-MM-DD} tag

Update: It appears that the release CI pipeline is not working as expected. This will be fixed by the next release.

Centrifuge 1024 - Release Notes Highlights

  • BREAKING: Upgrade to Polkadot v0.9.43 (#1577, #1622, #1626, #1640)
    • See below for details
  • Feat: Add transfer allowlist pallet for local (via balances) and xcm transfers (via xtokens) (#1621)
    • Allows setting a filter for transfer destinations
  • Feat: Debt transfer (#1615)
  • Feat: InvestmentPortfolio API (#1608)
  • Liquiditypools:
    • Add compute_at to UpdateTrancheTokenPrice (#1598)
    • Add restriction_set field to AddTranche message (#1610)
  • CI: Rewrite & Improvements (#1551, #1611, #1619, #1624, #1625, #1628, #1636)


No migrations for this release.

Breaking Changes

The following changes are all inherited from upgrading from Polkadot v0.9.38 to Polkadot v0.9.43

  • The balances::transfer call will soon™️ be deprecated. It is replaces with balances::transfer_allow_death (paritytech/substrate#12951)
  • Switch from balance locks and reserves to balance freezes and holds (paritytech/substrate#12951)
  • Require existential deposit for all currencies except for tranche tokens (#1596, #1577)
    • The amount for each currency is taken from the existential_deposit field in the corresponding Asset Registry entry

An ExistentialDeposit of zero no longer works. If you need to allow any account to have a zero balance and retain associated account data, you must introduce a pallet which allows an unpermissioned frame_system::Pallet::<Runtime>::inc_providers(). (paritytech/substrate#12951)


Since the latest srtool does not produce a WASM report due to this issue, the following WASM information is provided by subwasm v0.16.1 which is internally used by srtool as well.

🏋️ Runtime size:		1.754 MB (1,839,185 bytes)
🗜 Compressed:			Yes, 78.34%
✨ Reserved meta:		OK - [6D, 65, 74, 61]
🎁 Metadata version:		V14
🔥 Core version:		centrifuge-1024 (centrifuge-1.tx2.au1)
🗳️ system.setCode hash:		0xb84978e151aa721326b911992d7789d8a8f3b4c21c40185f86a3cb78b8fcd37f
🗳️ authorizeUpgrade hash:	0xe6073dcc2eef6f734d2d5d946b1e1f456d8c1f449a63bc3dae9e540aea546c66
#️⃣ Blake2-256 hash:		0xe9ecfd39bfd01a658ba28344963c4206863e81119b361f497538a164c2ef5a97


Exhaustive list of all changes

Docker Image: centrifugeio/centrifugechain:main-ccbc3a1-23-12-07

Full Changelog: v0.10.34...v0.10.35

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