github ccrama/Slide 6.5

  • Huge Video rewrite, thank you to @timawesomeness! Contains support for DASH videos, uses newer ExoPlayer code, and cleans up some older video sites
  • Support for mod locking of individual comments
  • Added option to save photos to a manual folder (thanks to @Archeidos)
  • Updated Fastlane metadata for F-Droid builds (thanks to @obar)
  • Fixed offline mode crash when no subreddits were cached
  • Fixed posting to profiles with more than 20 characters (thanks to @LostGhost1)
  • Added an always show FAB option in Settings (thanks to @darshan099)
  • Graceful handling of submission loading errors with new "try again" button (thanks to @ctbur)
  • Fix OnePlus and Huawei media scanner intents, will show images in gallery on these devices (thanks to @Rexee)
  • Fixed handling of intent links in internal browser
  • Fix toolbox encoded chars in removal reason text
  • Fixed startup issue on some devices
2 months ago