github ccrama/Slide 5.3.3

  • Added a 'Share Slide' button to the MainActivity overflow menu
  • Added ability to create a new folder from the image save location dialog
  • Added ability to download the base gif file
  • Added ability to edit search query from the Search activity
  • Added edit button to the card view too
  • Added friends list to the drawer under 'You'
  • Added Medium font setting for titles
  • Added more links to Settings > About
  • Added option to automatically hide the comment navigation bar
  • Added subreddit content filter for videos
  • Added support for /r/dota2 spoilers
  • Added touch ripples on largecards
  • Better scroll to top handling when far down in a list
  • Centered text inside post flair and tags
  • Color coded upvote percentages
  • Don't allow collapsing the currently editing comment
  • Enabled snackbars to be swiped away
  • Hide "Share Slide" menu item if user has Pro installed
  • Keep autocache based on history preferences
  • Moved add account out of the header area when not logged in
  • Moved rate snackbar to MainActivity
  • Normalise cases and wording on a few strings
  • Reduce lag scrolling through subreddits horizontally
  • Revamped the Donation screen
  • Show rate snackbar after 10 visits to Slide
  • Show submit text on applicable subreddits
  • Switched albums to new swiping style
  • Switched to using a horizontal loading bar for loading comments
  • Use a different icon colour for debug builds

Plus a tonne of bug fixes, under the hood improvements

latest releases: 6.5, 6.4, 6.3...
4 years ago