github ccrama/Slide 4.6.0

Much better stability and performance

Features & Improvements
  • Reintroducing subreddit collections in "Reorder Subs"
  • Horizontal Album view
  • Notification mark as read action
  • Get the color set by mods & apply it to the subreddit
  • Floating action button for multireddits
  • Completely new tutorial screen with tooltips
  • The unread messages badge in drawer gets updated more frequently
  • New sidebar for offline mode
  • Simplified reorder subs screen
  • Preloading gifs & albums is now possible
  • Sidebar scrolls when entering subreddit names
  • Speed improvements in submission view
  • Speed improvements in comments view
  • Shadowbox mode with multireddits
  • Native youtube player, similiar to gif view
  • Navigation bar color gets always the correct color
  • Wrong gild count in profile
  • Blank subs in "Reoder Subs"
  • "Load more comments" are collapsed too
  • NSFW preview bug
  • Multiple code blocks are working
  • Some items had the wrong color in light mode
  • Show correct multireddit name
  • Refresh drawer sub list after reodering subs
  • Fix for some activity transitions

This update focuses on under the hood optimizations: We added test classes, refactored & updated some code and got ride of duplicate code. This makes Slide much more stable & faster.
We also added basic descriptions for what each class is doing. This should make it easier for our contributors to help out.

latest releases: 6.5, 6.4, 6.3...
pre-release4 years ago