github ccrama/Slide 4.5.0


  • Now with instant startup
  • Offline mode / Cached data:
    • Display old posts when no connection is available
    • Always display old posts at startup (optional)
    • Offline comments (optional)
  • Removing and editing comments
  • Save comments
  • Search for posts
  • Add a user as a friend
  • Swipe back from anywhere to close posts (optional)
  • Faster wiki loading
  • Logging out of accounts and switch between accounts
  • Long clicking links in comments and posts
  • New card mode option: show title and info above the image
  • 'Submit post' button in sidebar
  • Profile:
    • added upvoted, downvoted, saved and hidden tabs
    • unhide posts from hidden tab
  • Portrait multi column
  • Support for android 6


  • much faster gif and image loading
  • loading a gif/image now displays a loading bar
  • support for all reddit links
  • Sorted the settings and made them much more clear
  • drawer: removed submit a post, upvoted, saved
  • cosmetic issues in 'Submit a post'
  • using a bottom sheet share dialog
  • update vote count when voting
  • Support for code block markdown
  • Support for spoilers
  • better looking subreddit theme dialog
  • refresh button in the toolbar
  • Swipe back from anywhere on single mode
  • default notification time is now one hour
  • updated strings from crowdin
  • new font family and size settings
  • Disable voting on archived posts
  • problems with coloring in light theme


  • Cleaner design for cards
  • crashes caused through slow internet connections / no connection
  • using another filter for the 'search for a subreddit' field, so that some keyboards won't crash
  • landscape fixes
    • switching between landscape and portraits no longer resets to top
    • voting on comments in landscape now works
  • flair and link sharing showed undecoded characters
  • image/gif sharing and saving crashes / not working
  • crashes with opening reddit links
  • ... and many, many other crash & bug fixes!
latest releases: 6.5, 6.4, 6.3...
4 years ago