github ccrama/Slide 4.3.2

Faster and more stable

  • Faster start up times
  • Show post as read
  • Colorize icons when voting
  • Switch vote icon order
  • allow links
  • clear subreddit search after enter button press
  • Gilding now links to the correct URL
  • Added toggleable Floating Action Button to submit posts
  • Removed seperators from subreddit list in drawer
  • Disabled hamburger animation
  • Now clicking on a radio button in the tutorial displays a corresponding screen.
  • Fix a bug where all profiles are invalid
  • Fix bulletin list
  • When trying to get information about user with invalid username, the dialog is shown and then it backs to previous screen.
  • Valid public description is now shown for a subreddit
  • Fix mail sync issue
  • Fixed extra padding on submissions
  • Fixed single view force close on sub change
  • Fixed bug where the toolbar would overlap the content in the overview
  • Updated translations from crowdin
latest releases: 6.5, 6.4, 6.3...
4 years ago