github catboost/catboost v0.26.1

R package

  • Supported text features in R package, thanks to @glemhel!
  • Supported virtual Ensembles in R, thanks to @glemhel!

New features

  • Thank @gmrandazzo for adding multiregression with missing values on targets - MultiRMSEWithMissingValues loss function
  • Supported multiclass prediction in C++ wrapper for model inference C API


  • Renamed keyword parameter in predict_proba function from X to data, fixes #1785
  • R feature importances: remove pool argument, fix #1438 and #1772
  • Fix CUDA training on Windows, multiple issues. main issue with details #1735
  • Issue #1728: don't dereference pointers when there is no features
  • Fixed empty tree processing in feature strength calculation
  • Fixed missing loss graph points in select_features, #1775
  • Sort csr matrix indices, fixes #1749
  • Fix error "active CatBoost worker is already present in the current process" after previous training interruption or failure. #1795.
  • Fixed erroneous warnings from models validation after training with custom loss or custom error function. Fixes #873 Fixes #1169
latest release: v1.0.0
2 months ago