github catboost/catboost v0.16.3

Breaking changes:

  • Renamed column Feature Index to Feature Id in prettified output of python method get_feature_importance(), because it supports feature names now
  • Renamed option per_float_feature_binarization (--per-float-feature-binarization) to per_float_feature_quantization (--per-float-feature-quantization)
  • Removed parameter inverted from python cv method. Added type parameter instead, which can be set to Inverted
  • Method get_features() now works only for datasets without categorical features

New features

  • A new multiclass version of AUC metric, called AUC Mu, which was proposed by Ross S. Kleiman on NeurIPS 2019, link
  • Added time series cv
  • Added MeanWeightedTarget in fstat
  • Added utils.get_confusion_matrix()
  • Now feature importance can be calculated for non-symmetric trees
latest releases: v1.0.0, v0.26.1, v0.26...
2 years ago