github catboost/catboost v0.16.2

Breaking changes:

  • Removed get_group_id() and get_features() methods of Pool class

New model analysis tools:

  • Added PredictionDiff type of get_feature_importance() method, which is a new method for model analysis. The method shows how the features influenced the fact that among two samples one has a higher prediction. It allows to debug ranking models: you find a pair of samples ranked incorrectly and you look at what features have caused that.
  • Added plot_predictions() method

New features:

  • model.set_feature_names() method in Python
  • Added stratified split to parameter search methods
  • Support catboost.load_model() from CPU snapshots for numerical-only datasets
  • CatBoostClassifier.score() now supports y as DataFrame
  • Added sampling_frequency, per_float_feature_binarization, monotone_constraints parameters to CatBoostClassifier and CatBoostRegresssor


  • 2x speedup of multi-classification mode


  • Fixed score() for multiclassification, #924
  • Fixed get_all_params() function, #926

Other improvements:

  • Clear error messages when a model cannot be saved
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2 years ago