github catboost/catboost v0.16.1

Breaking changes:

  • parameter fold_count is now called cv in grid_search() and randomized_search
  • cv results are now returned from grid_search() and randomized_search() in res['cv_results'] field

New features:

  • R-language function catboost.save_model() now supports PMML, ONNX and other formats
  • Parameter monotone_constraints in python API allows specifying numerical features that the prediction shall depend on monotonically

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed eval_metric calculation for training with weights (in release 0.16 evaluation of a metric that was equal to an optimized loss did not use weights by default, so overfitting detector worked incorrectly)


  • Added option verbose to grid_search() and randomized_search()
  • Added tutorial on grid_search() and randomized_search()
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2 years ago