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Apprise Release v0.9.1


📣 New Notification Services:

💡 Features

  • Slack can now accept email targets. This will perform a lookup on the workspace to see if the user exists and notify them if they do. This feature only works if you've configured a Slack bot.
  • Added support for interpret-able escapes via CLI through the added argument --interpret-escapes (-e). (#349)
    • As an example, this allows you to pass in sequences such as \n and \r and have them translate into their equivalent ascii newline and carriage return characters
  • Gotify now supports for markdown (#358)
  • FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) completely re-factored/rewritten to support both the Legacy and OAuth2 Methods (#193)
  • XMPP re-factored to support slixmpp library for Python v3.7+ users (#240)

❤️ Life-Cycle Support

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Corrected issue with 2 CLI unit tests not passing (preventing v0.9.0 from going into EPEL) BZ1913619
  • Better asyncio handling in Python <3.7 using threading (#364)

Installation Instructions

Apprise is available on PyPI through pip:

# Install Apprise v0.9.1 from PyPI
pip install apprise==0.9.1
latest releases: v0.9.4, v0.9.3, v0.9.2...
6 months ago