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Apprise Release v0.9.0


📣 New Notification Services:

💡 Features

  • Mailgun significantly enhanced to now support:
    • ✉️ Blind Carbon Copy Addresses (bcc)
    • ✉️ Carbon Copy Addresses (cc)
    • 📚 Email Attachments support
    • ⓜ️ Email Headers
    • 🔢 Email Tokens. Mailgun allows you to identify keys/values and populate email with entries like %keyword% which gets swapped with it's corresponding value once the email gets prepared.
  • General email (mailto://) updated to support Email Headers passed in through the Apprise URL.
  • apprise.LogCapture() class introduced allowing users to wrap their calls to notify() and extrapolate the generated logs from each call. This is very useful when notifying more than 1 service and trying to determine where something may have gone wrong. Content can be captured to both memory and files. More details can be found here, #306 and PR #311.
  • ✉️ Zoho email (21d7ef1ff4cc03be6789c66c96b33d8f68e694bb):
    • supports domain
    • uses STARTTLS (port 567) now vs SSL on 465
  • underscores (_) are now accepted in hostnames during parsing (even though technically they aren't allowed) - #324
  • Amazon SNS services parses responses/messages better - #320
  • Added support for Environment Variables - #334
    1. APPRISE_URLS: When defined, you can pre-provide apprise with a set of one or more URLs it can use to notify by default.
    2. APPRISE_CONFIG: You can set this to the absolute path of an Apprise Configuration File (either TEXT or YAML based).
  • Some new rules/structuring come with the environment variable change too (just enforcing order of detected inputs) and which to use:
    1. URLs by command line
      • A warning is issued to the screen if a (--config or -c) is also specified as it will be ignored
      • A warning is issued to the screen if a (--tag or -g) is also specified as it will be ignored
    2. Configuration by command line
    3. URLs by environment variable: APPRISE_URLS
      • A warning is issued to the screen if a (--tag or -g) is also specified as it will be ignored
    4. Configuration by environment variable: APPRISE_CONFIG
    5. Default Configuration File(s) if found - no change here prior to this commit.

❤️ Life-Cycle Support

  • n/a

🐛 Bugfixes

  • SparkPost handling of cc and bcc messages fixed #309
  • Pushover validation checks on the user_key and token have been eliminated in Apprise. These have been left for the upstream server (in this case Pushover) to validate instead. #313
  • Zulip references stream instead of channel #330

Installation Instructions

Apprise is available on PyPI through pip:

# Install Apprise v0.9.0 from PyPI
pip install apprise==0.9.0
latest releases: v0.9.5.1, v0.9.5, v0.9.4...
8 months ago