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Apprise Release v0.8.9


📣 New Notification Services:

💡 Features

  • Microsoft Teams Templating (#292)! The ability to provide your own MessageCard instead of using the built in one. The templating engine requires no additional includes and additionally supports dynamic tokens that you can pass in through the Apprise URL; see #299 for details.
  • Improved YAML configuration parsing (#288)
  • Added Yandex Email support to mailto:// Plugin (#303)

❤️ Life-Cycle Support

  • n/a

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Lametric Time cloud mode support fixed (#293)
  • Reworked Discord markdown enhancements that Apprise supports (the addition of the # keyword) to parse content better (#229)
  • Async/Sync update to fix warning message appearing in Apprise Home Assistant Integration (#304)

Installation Instructions

Apprise is available on PyPI through pip:

# Install Apprise v0.8.9 from PyPI
pip install apprise==0.8.9
latest releases: v0.9.5.1, v0.9.5, v0.9.4...
11 months ago