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Apprise Release v0.8.7


📣 New Notification Services:

💡 Features

  • Apprise Socket Timeouts enforced and configurable. Queries made to upstream servers can now timeout if the external source isn't available or is taking to log to reply. By default the times are set as follows:
    • Socket Connect Timeout which defaults to 4.0 seconds. This is the length in time Apprise will wait for an upstream server to accept a connection from it before giving up.
    • You can over-ride this value by specifying the cto= parameter on your Apprise URL.
    • Socket Read Timeout which defaults to 4.0 seconds. This is the maximum length in time Apprise will wait for on an already established upstream connection to which the server has gone dormant and no longer appears to be responding.
    • You can over-ride this value by specifying the rto= parameter on your Apprise URL.
  • Improved logging within Apprise to make it a bit more obvious why a URL may have not loaded correctly. Apprise remains to be silent on the CLI out of the box, so improved logging still requires at least one --verbose switch (-v)
  • Apprise URLs that accept valid hostnames:
    • Now additionally support IPv6 entries. To be RFC compliant, IPv6 files should be wrapped in square brackets (such as kodi://[2001:0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334]). However at this time Apprise can safely detect URLs that do not include the square brackets ([]) and improvises by adding them for you.
    • IPv4 support drastically improved. Only valid IP addresses are accepted if provided.

❤️ Life-Cycle Support

  • Discord changing API servers to new location;. Legacy servers will no longer work after November 7th, 2020. Apprise was updated to point to new API location to avoid having any issues at this time.

🐛 Bugfixes

  • Nexmo credentials bugfix (138c8eb)

  • Test cases now pass against Fedora 33 Rawhide mass rebuild (#263) (BZ1865273)

  • Email has better internationalization support now (#268)

  • Growl Notifications Missing Notification Header Issue Resolved (#251)

    • gntp library also removed from Apprise an is a separate dependency instead:

      The following will allow you to use Growl Notifications again (for those using it)

      pip install gntp

    # This has also already been added to the requirements.txt file
    # Apprise puts out information to the screen reminding those that have not done this
    # and are attempting to use Growl to run the pip command below as well.

    ### Installation Instructions
    Apprise is available [on PyPI]( through _pip_:
    # Install Apprise v0.8.7 from PyPI
    pip install apprise==0.8.7
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