github canonical/cloud-init 23.2

latest release: ubuntu/23.2-0ubuntu1
4 days ago


- Alpine: update locale file, use os-release PRETTY_NAME
- FreeBSD:
  * user account locking
  * growpart resize root partition and grow using growfs onestart
  * better identify MBR slices
- RedHat:
  * Drop IBM refresh_rmc_and_interfaces config module only
     applicable on RHEL7
  * Fedora: Enable CA handling
- OpenSUSE:
  * Enable SUSE based distros for ca handling
  * Remove sysvinit files


- Azure:
  * retry fetching metadata up to 300 seconds
  * introduce identity module
  * add networking check for all source PPS
  * improved error reporting, for hosts and DHCP errors
  * report success to host and introduce kvp module
- GCE: activate network discovery on every boot
- OpenStack: honor the DNS servers associated with a network
- Oracle: prefer system_cfg over ds network config source
- DataSourceScaleway: upcoming IPv6 support
- NoCloud:
   * Use seedfrom protocol to determine mode
   * fix kernel commandline semi-colon delimited args
   * support `ci.ds=` kernel cmdline key for all datasources


- ntp: add 'peers' and 'allow' directives
- cc_grub_dpkg: Added UEFI support


- DHCP: Refactor dhcp client code for deprecated isc-dclient
- fix netstate getway keyerror for iproutes without gateway
- resolv_conf: Allow > 3 nameservers
- NetworkManager:
  * set higher autoconnect priority value 120 for cloud-init
  * add method for ipv6 static IP configuration
  * generate ipv6 stateful dhcp config at par with sysconfig
- sysconfig: prefer sysconfig when NM ifcfg-rh plugin installed
- macs: ignore duplicate MAC for devs with driver driver qmi_wwan


- do not create dsa and ed25519 host keys when crypto FIPS
- Make user/vendor data sensitive and remove log permissions


- Make user/vendor data sensitive and remove log permissions
- users: schema permit empty list to indicate create no users
- validation of jinja template user-data


- update network configuration path links
- Document use of `ip route append` to add routes
- Update kernel command line docs

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