github camunda/zeebe 8.4.6

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17 days ago

Bug Fixes


  • Stream is spammed by duplicate Timer TRIGGER commands (#17128)


  • Potential bug in timer due date checker scheduling (#17227)
  • Opensearch Retention policy is not applied to existing zeebe indices when enabled (#17186)
  • Failed jobs are not activated again (#16884)
  • Broker scaling up is stuck in the operation adding a new broker (#16870)
  • Retention policy is not applied to existing zeebe indices when enabled (#16720)
  • NPE in PendingProcessMessageSubscriptionChecker (#16609)
  • Job backoff migration causes duplicate incidents (#15954)
  • Possible inconsistency of job not found in DbJobState#visitJob (#15733)
  • Failed jobs are not reactivate after backoff (#14329)
  • Scheduler Tasks can't be canceled on the ProcessingScheduleService (#10541)


  • Respect quiet period before shutting down the gateway (#16024)

Merged Pull Requests

  • fix: avoid race between scheduling and execution of due date checker (#17251)
  • fix: opensearch exporter - update ISM policy for existing indices when retention config changes on rerun (#17187)
  • [Backport release-8.5.0] Fix duplicate timer schedules (#17171)
  • fix: update lifecycle policy for existing indices when retention config changes on elasticsearch exporter re-run. (#17124)
  • ci: don't cache results of building zeebe docker image (#17064)
  • test: stabilize flaky test by increasing timeout (#17001)
  • feat: gracefully shut down gRPC server (#16956)
  • fix: do not fail retry of member join operation (#16907)
  • Add warning to checkers (#16873)
  • deps: Update dependency org.apache.commons:commons-compress to v1.26.1 (stable/8.4) (#16861)
  • deps: Update dependency io.projectreactor:reactor-core to v3.6.4 (stable/8.4) (#16859)
  • deps: Update dependency io.projectreactor.netty:reactor-netty-http to v1.1.17 (stable/8.4) (#16858)
  • deps: Update dependency io.micrometer:micrometer-bom to v1.12.4 (stable/8.4) (#16857)
  • test: await identity readiness (#16843)
  • [Backport stable/8.4] Ensure lastProcessesPosition is set when StreamProcessor is paused (#16840)
  • deps(maven): Update dependency org.testcontainers:testcontainers-bom to v1.19.7 (stable/8.4) (#16799)
  • deps(maven): Update dependency io.github.classgraph:classgraph to v4.8.168 (stable/8.4) (#16798)
  • deps(docker): Update ubuntu:jammy Docker digest to 77906da (stable/8.4) (#16797)
  • [Backport stable/8.4] Adjust condition of auto-merge (#16793)
  • deps(docker): Update eclipse-temurin:21-jdk-jammy Docker digest to feeeb86 (stable/8.4) (#16789)
  • [Backport stable/8.4] fix: respect offset and length on DbBytes#wrap (#16773)
  • [Backport stable/8.4] docs: Remove the ExperimentalApi annotation from the Java client CommandWithTenantStep interface (#16771)
  • Release 8.4.5 (#16740)
  • Clean Backoff column family from wrong jobs (#16508)

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