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v3.47.0 (2023-05-25)

Full Changelog

Two new and very noteworthy experiments!

  1. Have you ever wanted to write hooks in a compiled language? Or in Python or Ruby? Well now you can! With --experiment=polyglot-hooks the agent can run all sorts of hooks and plugins directly. Combined with --experiment=job-api, your hooks-of-a-different-language can alter environment variables through the local Job API!
  2. Concurrency groups are great, but have you ever wanted to manage multiple agents running on the same host concurrently accessing a shared resource? Well now you can! With --experiment=agent-api, the agent now has an inbuilt locking service, accessible through new lock subcommands and also via a Unix socket (like the job-api).


  • Experiment: Polyglot hooks #2040 (@moskyb)
  • Experiment: Local Agent API, with locking service #2042 (@DrJosh9000)
  • New flag --upload-skip-symlinks (on artifact upload) allows skipping symlinks when uploading files. --follow-symlinks has been deprecated and renamed to --glob-resolve-follow-symlinks #2072 (@triarius)


  • The normalised-upload-paths experiment was unintentionally left out of the available experiments list #2076 (@MatthewDolan)


  • The git-mirrors experiment is promoted to full functionality #2032 (@moskyb)
  • Errors in the git checkout process are now easier to diagnose #2074 (@moskyb)
  • Alpine images updated to Alpine 3.18 #2098 (@moskyb)

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