github bufbuild/buf v1.19.0

latest releases: v1.21.0, v1.20.0
19 days ago
  • Add --create flag to buf push to create a repository if it does not exist. The user
    is also required to specify the visibility using --create-visibility.
  • Add github-actions error format to print errors in a form parseable by GitHub Actions.
  • Fix issue in buf build and buf generate where the use of type filtering (via
    --type flags) would cause the resulting image to have no source code info, even
    when --exclude-source-info was not specified. The main impact of the bug was that
    generated code would be missing comments.
  • Fix issue in buf curl when using --user or --netrc that would cause a malformed
    Authorization header to be sent.
  • Update the module cache to use an optimized content addressable store. The cache is
    now self-healing and uses significantly less space. Users wishing to free unused space
    can run buf mod --clear-cache once after upgrading to remove data stored in the
    previous module cache.

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