github bueltge/adminimize 1.10.0
Much More Testers (ing) is necessary

  • Rewrite the Admin Bar settings, simplify the source and new hook to get and render the Admin Bar.
  • Change settings screen for custom post type.
  • Fix "select all" on Admin Bar settings.
  • Fix exclude settings page for pages, there is the current screen not existent.
  • Improve the exclude settings page function for hooks, there fired before get_current_screen.
  • Remove more legacy code before WP 3.3.
  • Change removal of Menu and Submenu items to WP core functions, possible to non support older WP Versions.
  • Supports multiple roles on "Menu Options" and "Global Options".
  • Add possibility to hide Admin Notices globally, new setting point in "Global Options".
latest releases: 1.11.7, 1.11.6, 1.11.5...
4 years ago