github budimanjojo/talhelper v2.3.10

latest releases: v2.4.0, v2.3.11
20 days ago


  • 21b41bf add SOPS_AGE_KEY env to test
  • 88c9449 add test for encrypted patch file
  • 4fbbb27 chore(github-action): update renovatebot/github-action action to v40.1.7
  • e9e594c feat(code): cleaner looking code
  • 4d32ebb feat: update Scoop for talhelper version v2.3.9
  • d0fd8a6 feat: update flake (#395)
  • 1fdadad fix(CI): need to checkout the branch before automerging
  • 8ccf94e supports encrypted patch files

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