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Going to Helper, Config refactoring, base library update

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It has always been the case, that this component was not an integration - it does not talk to any device or cloud service. Instead, it computes its state internally. And this is what helpers do. But I still made it as integration, as there was not really a way to have a custom helper. This has now changed, Home Assistant went a long way towards improved usability. Not only we can now have custom helpers, but they can also be configured from GUI, and it has all the features as before. So I am moving that where it belongs.
So, from now on, you will find it under Helpers. You can create new helpers from there, or you can also create in integrations - but they will end up as a helper anyway.
If you'd like to change the configuration options, you find it here:
In the Related tab you'll find other info, including the device where you can get the DIAGNOSTICS info.

Code improvements

Related to the above - they greatly improved the config flow experience, including a new set of selectors. So I took this opportunity and completely re-factored the configuration. Including moving up the configuration options where they belong - removing an old workaround that was irritating me. The configuration should be migrated automatically, so no work to be done (hopefully) - therefore beta 😊.


Thanks to @rafelbev for sending a PR #38 updating the base library to 0.14.2, bringing this list of fixes: (said that, this also depends on HomeAssistant core, as they use the same library for workday "integration")

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