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5 months ago

Change (possibly breaking change)

Bump holidays to 0.13 (also did that in HA Core, and the change to 0.13 was a breaking change, so this update is required for HA 2022.3
But, more importantly, 0.13 allowed a couple of exciting changes:

  • The list of countries is pulled from the holidays package, so it supports all the countries and subdivisions supported by the package
  • It fixes bugs for a number of countries (see This might affect your configuration (e.g. if you configured it to pop holidays that do not exist anymore - if that is the case, just click through your configuration and check it).
  • The list of holidays is now a dictionary.
  • Finally, it is streamlining the states/provinces (and number of similar "subdivisions" into one simple parameter "subdivision". And this one is pulled from the library. So all parameters are now selected from the dropdown list, no need to go to the holidays GitHub page to find configuration parameters and enter them to HA as clear text (I love that).



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