github brechtsanders/winlibs_mingw 10.1.1-snapshot20200704-7.0.0
GCC 10.1.1 snapshot 20200704 + MinGW-w64 7.0.0

winlibs personal build version gcc-10.1.1-snapshot20200704-mingw-w64-7.0.0-r1

This is the winlibs 32-bit standalone build of:

  • GCC 10.1.1-snapshot20200704
  • GDB 9.2
  • MinGW-w64 7.0.0
  • GNU Binutils 2.34
  • GNU Make 4.3
  • PExports 0.47
  • dos2unix 7.4.1
  • Yasm 1.3.0
  • NASM 2.15.02
  • JWasm 2.12pre

This build was compiled with GCC 10.1.1-snapshot20200704 and packaged on 2020-07-06.

Please check out for the latest personal build.

The i686 download is the 32-bit version, which runs natively on and compiles for Windows 32-bit (of course it also runs on 64-bit).
The x86_64 download is the 64-bit version, which runs natively on and compiles for Windows 64-bit.

On special request this release also contains SJLJ exception handling versions alongside the usual Dwarf/SEH.
Please don't mix exception handling versions when upgrading.

WARNING: this is a snapshot version of GCC 10.1.1 (experimental), not recommended for production use.

pre-release15 months ago