github brave/brave-browser v1.12.62
Desktop Nightly Channel v1.12.62

*This is not the release version of Brave.
Be careful - things are unstable and might even be broken.*

These builds are an unpolished and unfinished early previews for the new versions of Brave on the desktop. They show our work in progress and aren't for the faint-of-heart. Features may be missing or broken in new and exciting ways; familiar functionality may have unfamiliar side-effects. These builds showcase the newest advances that we're bringing to your browser, but this is still a prototype, not a reliable daily driver. Try it out only if you're looking for a little extra spice and adventure in your browsing.



Brave-Browser-Nightly.dmg or Brave-Browser-Nightly.pkg will install this version.


BraveBrowserNightlySetup.exe and BraveBrowserNightlySetup32.exe will fetch and install the latest available version from our update servers.

latest releases: v1.20.5, v1.19.45, v1.20.4...
5 months ago