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Note: in the Bottlerocket v1.0.8 release, for the aws-k8s-1.20 and aws-k8s-1.21 variants, we set the default Kubernetes CPU manager policy to "static". We heard from several users that this breaks usage of the Fluent Bit log processor. In Bottlerocket v1.1.3, we've changed the default back to "none", but have added a setting so you can use the "static" policy if desired. To do so, set settings.kubernetes.cpu-manager-policy to "static". To do this in user data, for example, pass the following:

cpu-manager-policy = "static"

OS Changes

  • Fix parsing of lists of values in domain name search field of DHCP option sets (#1646, thanks @hypnoce!)
  • Add setting for configuring Kubernetes CPU manager policy and reconcile policy (#1638)

Build Changes

  • Update SDK to 0.22.0 (#1640)
  • Store build artifacts per architecture (#1630)

Documentation Changes

  • Update references to the ECS variant for GA release (#1637)
latest release: v1.1.4
16 days ago