github bottlerocket-os/bottlerocket v1.0.2

Breaking changes (for build process only)

  • pubsys: automate setup of role and key (#1133, #1146)
  • Store repos under repo name so you can build multiple (#1135)

Note: these changes do not impact users of Bottlerocket AMIs or repos, only those who build Bottlerocket themselves.
If you use an Infra.toml file to automate publishing, you'll need to update the format of the file.
The root role and signing key definitions now live inside a repo definition, rather than at the top level of the file.
Please see the updated Infra.toml.example file for a commented explanation of the new role and key configuration.

OS changes

  • Add aws-k8s-1.18 variant with Kubernetes 1.18 (#1150)
  • Update kernel to 5.4.50-25.83 (#1148)
  • Update glibc to 2.32 (#1092)
  • Add e2fsprogs (#1147)
  • pluto: add regional map of pause container source accounts (#1142)
  • Add option to enable spot instance draining (#1100, thanks @mkulke!)
  • Add 2.root.json + pubsys KMS support (#1122)
  • docker: add default nofiles ulimits for containers (#1119)
  • Fix AVC denial fordocker run --init (#1085)

Build changes

  • Pass Go module proxy variables through docker-go (#1121)
  • Set buildmode to pie and drop pie and debuginfo patches for Kubernetes (#1103, thanks @bnrjee!)
  • pubsys: use requested size for volume, keeping snapshot to minimum size (#1118)
  • Switch to SDK v0.13.0 (#1092)
  • Add cargo make grant-ami and revoke-ami tasks (#1087)
  • Allow specifying AMI name with PUBLISH_AMI_NAME (#1091)
  • Makefile.toml: clean up clean actions (#1089)
  • pubsys: check for copied AMIs in parallel (#1086)

Documentation changes

  • Add guide explaining pubsys and related tools (#1138)
  • README: relocate update API instructions and example (#1124, #1127)
  • Fix grammar issues in (#1098, thanks @jweissig!)
  • Add documentation for the aws-ecs-1 variant (#1053)
  • Update suggested Kubernetes version in sample eksctl config files (#1090)
  • Update to incorporate dependencies (#1107, thanks @troyaws!)
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