github bottlerocket-os/bottlerocket v0.4.1

Security fixes

  • Patch Kubernetes for CVE-2020-8558 ([#977])
  • Update tough to 0.7.1 to patch CVE-2020-15093 ([#979])

OS changes

  • Add a new aws-k8s-1.17 variant for Kubernetes 1.17 ([#973])
  • Confine chrony, wicked, and dbus-broker via SELinux, and persist their state to disk ([#970])
  • Persist systemd journal to disk ([#970])
  • Add an API for OS updates ([#942], [#959], [#986])
  • Add migration helpers to add / remove multiple settings at once ([#958])
  • Fix SELinux policy to allow CSI driver mounts and transition used by Kaniko ([#983])
  • Update to new repo URL via migration to ensure signed migration support ([#980])

Build changes

  • Fix environment variable override for build output directory ([#963])
  • Update .dockerignore to account for the new build output directory structure ([#967])
  • Remove the preview-docs task from Makefile ([#969])

Documentation changes

  • Document new update APIs and add associated diagrams ([#962])
  • Add ap-south-1 to supported regions ([#965])
  • Fix storewolf's documentation and usage message as it expects a semver value ([#957])
latest releases: v1.1.4, v1.1.3, v1.1.2...
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