github bottlerocket-os/bottlerocket v0.4.0

Breaking changes

  • Remove all permissive types from the SELinux policy ([#945]). Actions that were not allowed by the SELinux policy now fail instead of only being logged.

OS changes

  • Use update repository metadata and signatures to run settings migrations ([#930])
  • Mount debugfs in superpowered host containers, such as the admin container, to support tools like bcc and bpftrace ([#934])
  • Protect container snapshot layers in SELinux policy ([#935])
  • Add POST /actions/reboot API path ([#936])
  • Update tough to v0.6.0 ([#944])
  • Fix behavior of signpost cancel-upgrade ([#950])
  • Update to kernel 5.4.46 ([#953])

Build changes

  • Canonicalize architecture names in ([#932])
  • Split build output directories by variant and architecture ([#948])
  • Move intermediate RPM output from build/packages to build/rpms ([#948])
  • Fix chmod usage for building on macOS ([#951])

Documentation changes

  • Document platform-specific settings in ([#941])
latest releases: v1.1.4, v1.1.3, v1.1.2...
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