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Release 1.4.0b2, beta quality, for testing only

pre-release24 days ago

borgbackup 1.4.0b2 release

Second beta release of the new 1.4-maint branch.

borg 1.4 is kind of a refreshed 1.2 with mostly the same features and behavior, but a few bigger changes that could introduce issues and thus were not suitable for just releasing them as 1.2.x, but rather need some testing first.

Especially authors of scripts, wrappers, automations and GUI frontends may want to look at BORG_EXIT_CODES.
Also, users of filesystem ACLs on Linux, FreeBSD and macOS should thoroughly test this, there were major changes in the ACL code.

All stuff listed in the changelog should get practically tested, especially correct behavior with BORG_EXIT_CODES=modern set and in error/warning conditions and backup / restore of ACLs.

Long changelog:

Short borg 1.4 overview (from a borg 1.2 perspective):


If you use pip to install this, use: pip install pkgconfig ; pip install "borgbackup==1.4.0b2"

For other installation methods and more details, please see:

See also the 00_README.txt file in the assets list below for a description of the available "fat binary" downloads.

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