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This release is going to enable the Feynman upgrade on BSC mainnet. The upgrade is forecasted to occur on 18th April 2024 at 05:49 (UTC). The full node runners on mainnet must switch their software version to the latest version by 18th April.

Feyman upgrade is the most important milestone of BNB Chain Fusion. The BNB Chain Fusion is a strategic shift to migrate the Beacon Chain’s functionalities to BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and retire Beacon Chain. This move aims to streamline the network, improve efficiency, reduce security risks, and align BNB Chain's architecture with the current technological demands and future growth. BEP333 propose to securely and smoothly transit the BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC) from a dual-chain structure into a single chain structure and thus decommission the Beacon Chain.

Due to Feyman's upgrade, it will have a significant impact on the BNB ecosystem. We welcome the community to submit issues on GitHub or Discord. Kindly remind that BNB Chain has a bug bounty program if anyone find any security issues.

For BNB Beacon Chain Asset Holders

After BC Fusion, users will find it either impossible or extremely challenging to access assets on the BNB Beacon Chain. Here is a detailed guide designed to assist digital asset issuers and holders on the BNB Beacon Chain in transferring the value of their assets, like BEP2/BEP8 tokens, both before and after the Beacon Chain Fusion.

Here is an outline of all important milestones in the BNB Chain Fusion roadmap, set to facilitate a smooth transition for the BNB Chain community.

Brief Introduction of Feynman Upgrade

BEP-294, BEP-297 and BEP-299 will be deployed in the BSC Feynman hard fork.

  1. BEP-294 will take effect immediately. Validators created on BSC will receive triple voting power when staking an equal amount of BNB. This encourages the transfer of voting power from the Beacon Chain to BSC.

  2. The BEP-297 governance functionality will not be activated immediately after the hardfork. It will only be automatically enabled once more than 10 million BNB are migrated to BSC.

  3. The smart contract of BEP-299 is not available as the merkel root in the smart contract is still empty at this time. Only after the Beacon Chain comes to a complete halt, the Token Migration feature will be initiated by setting the Merkle root for balance dump through governance.

  4. Cross-chain re-delegation, which allows users to un-delegate their stakes from Beacon Chain and then delegate them on BSC in one Beacon Chain transaction, will be enabled after governance opening the related cross-chain channel.


  • #2358 doc: add Feynman upgrade for mainnet
  • #2335 upgrade: update system contracts bytes code and hardfork time of Feynman upgrade


Assets Sha256 Checksum aeeae3392bd51af57fb1e2eddeefff7e84d58a37f87513495348d82deee5824f bcb79b8731c50ddaa3a5a2e3e92afa4f04b0c04c72b6b37b8a69ecd776304f15
geth_linux e48b613a8da2607fd4ab3f41ec320c8cf56aab975ea4362fc329208d0b90b368
geth_mac 89f248c051296b5a8194b19ded434c6b9940178144bb1517c11a0a812c21e178
geth_windows 4b7e54cb06616d2c620d14d18e3d0ffb93f1f9ca88b711d28c910403b7603d34
geth_linux_arm64 37e990242a2be465bfa007bf1e73d7ce95239933bc3761d7af52304df7d7364d

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