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2 years ago

Minor Changes

  • Adds --port and --hostname to blitz start and build commands: #413
  • Enable React Fast Refresh: #435


  • Fix CLI crash when prisma is not installed: #438
  • Fix blitz console by adding missing tsconfig-paths dependency: #439
  • Change blitz new --no-yarn flag to --npm, for better UX: #442
  • Fix Node 10 error for Object.fromEntries: #441
  • Fix file path in TUTORIAL: #429
  • Add helpful error messages to CLI when trying to use commands outside an app: #319
  • Fix bug with absolute imports in JS projects: #433

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add harris1717 as a contributor: #436
  • Fix blitz new not working when linked from monorepo: c5008e2
  • Docs: add ivandevp as a contributor: #443
  • Docs: add dwightwatson as a contributor: #444
  • Docs: add is2ei as a contributor: #445
  • Test(generator): ignore dist directory: #427


Huge thanks to @ivandevp, @dwightwatson, @wKovacs64, @harris1717, @Zeko369, and @is2ei for helping!

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