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2 years ago


  • Fix blitz generate generating wrong paths for queries/mutations!: #424
  • Add null-loader for @prisma/client to fix child_process crashes: #423
  • Improve error message for api routes in wrong folder: #342
  • Add instructions on how to generate a plain JS project: #407
  • Fix husky hooks not being set up for new apps: #399
  • Fix lint error for generated code about confirm: 4ac7800

Changes to Example Apps

  • Fix postcss purge routes on Tailwind example: #381

Internal Meta Changes

  • Fix fetchRemote dev script to be sh compatible: #406
  • Remove extraneous console.log: #411
  • Docs: add tmns as a contributor: #418
  • Add node-pty troubleshooting for WSL: #419
  • Docs: add simonpeterdebbarma as a contributor: #421
  • Docs: add tmns as a contributor: #422
  • Fix additional lint rules: #366
  • Fix(server): force forward slashes in absolute imports: #393
  • Make tutorial link more prominent: 2c9e8e1
  • Refactor(cli): split out generator package: #346


Huge thanks to @kandros, @tmns, @aem, @peaonunes, @osirvent, @simonpeterdebbarma, @jportela, and @wKovacs64 for helping!

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