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2 years ago

Minor Changes

  • Add plain JavaScript support with blitz new myapp --js: #305
  • Add lint rule 'no-anonymous default export' for new apps: #337
  • Add blitz db reset command: #339


  • Move typescript to devDependencies in new app template: #293
  • Print helpful error if try to use CLI commands outside of blitz app: #203
  • Update new app instructions in template for SQLite: #320
  • Docs(tutorial): fix a couple typos and change some copy: #344
  • Tutorial: Fix database query syntax in example code: #354
  • Update some tutorial issues: #359
  • Remove unnecessary runtime file process logging: #369
  • Fix prettier failure on blitz new with npm: #370
  • Change @blitzjs/core to blitz in new app template _document: #379
  • Major cleanup to blitz new dependency update + graceful failure (Closes #202, #284): b08de10
  • Fix git ignored files being processed when they shouldn't: #365
  • Hide all the scary warning messages during blitz new: #302
  • Remove next dependency from new app template package.json: #387
  • Fix broken blitz start in canary: #389
  • Feature/update server nextjs version: #313
  • Log any errors that happen during blitz start/build: b249ce0

Changes to Example Apps

  • Update next in examples: #351
  • Add beginner tutorial: #336
  • Fix errors in for the console usage: 79d9619
  • Native tailwindcss purgecss integration: #362

Internal Meta Changes

  • Announcing Official Core Team and Maintainers + and #307
  • Add Simon Knott (@Skn0tt) as level 1 maintainer: #308
  • Docs: add kandros as a contributor: #297
  • Add Elias Johansson (@eliasjohansson) as L1 maintainer: #310
  • Add Lori Karikari (@LoriKarikari) as L1 maintainer: #311
  • Add Corey Brown (@coreybrown89) as L1 maintainer: #315
  • Test(server): normalize CWD in relative paths synchronizer rule test: #300
  • Docs: add kandros as a contributor: #317
  • Update with weekly call info: #321
  • Add cypress E2E test for store example + CI (+ switch store to SQLite): #335
  • Docs: add dajinchu as a contributor: #327
  • Docs: add kandros as a contributor: #329
  • Docs: add jportela as a contributor: #328
  • Docs: add Shinyaigeek as a contributor: #340
  • Add Jeremey Liberman (@MrLeebo) as L1 Maintainer: #355
  • Docs: add fullmetalengineer as a contributor: #356
  • Update #357
  • Docs: add wKovacs64 as a contributor: #358
  • Enables linting rules for kebabCase and no-default-export: #298
  • Update Fundamentals section: fb298bb
  • Add Jaga Santagostino (@kandros) as L1 maintainer: #363
  • Update with Slack info: ae15456
  • Docs: add developerfred as a contributor: #380
  • Style: fix editor integration with ESLint: #373
  • Docs: add peaonunes as a contributor: #382
  • Add Simon Debbarma (@simonpeterdebbarma) as L1 maintainer: #390
  • Feat(cli): use custom template format instead of EJS: #281
  • In-memory FS for server tests: #323
  • Remove parallel tests so they don't have false failure: 75816d1
  • Script add force publish: 86ace11
  • Fix Typo: #341
  • Docs: add merelinguist as a contributor: #364
  • Update publish script: 7ec6244
  • Fix publish script: bec4a65
  • Revert "fix publish script": 2b79c3f
  • Add back --parallel and double jest call in cli tests, because still failing on 1st run again: 21f29d2


Huge thanks to @aem, @Shinyaigeek, @LoriKarikari, @kandros, @Zeko369, @wKovacs64, @fullmetalengineer, @DevanB, @ryardley, @Skn0tt, @developerfred, @eliasjohansson, @karankiri, @merelinguist, @Jfelix61, @jportela, and @dajinchu for helping!

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