github blitz-js/blitz v0.6.0-canary.1

latest releases: blitz@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/rpc@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/next@2.0.0-alpha.26...
pre-release2 years ago


  • Refactor(server): simplify resolveBinAsync: #208
  • Maybe fix one issue on windows by removing node-pty: #210
  • Fix possible race condition during blitz new: #198
  • Beautify query/mutation logging and Refactor logger: #199
  • Disable jsx-a11y/anchor-is-valid because it doesn't plan will with Blitz/Next links: 73f6be0
  • Fix some type issues: 5da2eae
  • Add alpha msg to CLI and add OS version with blitz -v: #211
  • Fix(cli): populate new apps with latest version of deps in range: #206


Huge thanks to @wKovacs64, @ryardley, @Zeko369, and @merelinguist for helping!

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