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6 months ago

🚀 New Features

🐞 Patches

  • Improve error message on a duplicate page name error: #2823
  • Fix blitz generate --dry-run flag not being respected: #2858
  • Fix broken route manifest in 0.41.2-canary.2: #2870
  • Fix blitz generate in javascript projects: #2859
  • Export MutateFunction type from blitz/react-query: #2882
  • Fix using HOCs in _app.js: #2897
  • Fix so middleware errors (like CSRFMissmatchError) don't crash the server: #2901

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Update new apps dependencies, format files, improve readmes: #2849
  • Pin react and react-dom versions in package.json (And I think fix the cannot find module react issue): #2868
  • Add prompt to blitz new to choose javascript or typescript: #2739

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Update material-ui recipe, migrate from v4 to v5: #2853
  • Add bulma recipe: #2850

👀 Changes to Example Apps

  • Add next-rosetta example: #2872
  • Add Cypress example: #2836

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @JuanM04, @mochi-sann, @g3offrey, @p-siriphanthong, @flybayer, @cj, @dvnrsn, @vivek7405, @devtombiz, and @Skn0tt for helping!

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