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pre-release9 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

  • getBlitzRuntimeData() function removed. It was only used for the blitz install secureheaders recipe. If you previously installed that recipe, update the secureheaders.ts file with the changes in this commit: 8d98843

🚀 Big Update

  • 🎉 Remove custom blitz compiler - all custom features now in core framework!: #2662
    • The next-env.d.ts feature now works correctly but as blitz-env.d.ts. This file will be automatically written to disk and updated based on your specific feature usage. You should check blitz-env.d.ts into your repo
    • The intermediate .blitz/build folder is no longer used
    • Fixes all issues caused by .blitz/build step
    • Should now work with pnpm
    • Debugger breakpoints should now work
    • Issues with .gitignore files is resolved
    • Overall dev/build perf is somewhat improved

🐞 Patches

  • Added BLITZ_TELEMETRY_DISABLED env variable: #2664
  • Fix useQuery hooks to not cache data during SSR: #2666
  • Fix <Link> not working correctly with i18n and basepath: #2668

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @JuanM04 and @s-r-x for helping!

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