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pre-release7 months ago

🐞 Patches

  • Fix CSRFTokenMismatchError on logout: #2761
  • Fix CSRFTokenMissmatch error for anonymous sessions after significant time of inactivity: #2762
  • Fix suspense/hydration bug (on canary): #2785
  • Fix ssr with auth pages failing on Vercel on canary release: #2787
  • Make jest-preset work in plain js projects: #2740
  • PassportAuth — improve error message if req.query.auth is undefined: #2766
  • Jest-preset: handle static assets for next/image: #2763

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Update prisma 2.x to prisma 3.x: #2731
  • Fix Yarn Berry gitignore for new apps: #2775

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • add recipe for ghost cms: #2693
  • Add stitches recipe: #2773

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @beerose, @martinsaxa, @JuanM04, @emilygracekz, @markhughes, @mzaien, and @johnmurphy01 for helping!

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