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pre-release9 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Add ability to access req and res objects in the Passport adapter: #2576
    Breaking change only if using the callback version:
    -export default passportAuth((ctx) => ({
    +export default passportAuth(({ctx, req, res}) => ({

🚀 New Features

  • Add support for BLITZ_PUBLIC_ environment variables (NEXT_PUBLIC_ will continue to work): #2611

🐞 Patches

  • Fix duplicate image types (requires adding line to global.d.ts): #2597
  • Fix bug when no dependencies are defined in app package.json: #2607

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Fix image warning in index page: #2593
  • Update favicon for new apps to be orange version of the blitz logo: #2602

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @doncicuto, @Roesh, @sam3d, @zenhob, and @bravo-kernel for helping!

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