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11 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Blitz now provides an optimized <ErrorBoundary> component : #2480
    1. Remove react-error-boundary from your package.json
    2. Update all imports of as shown here:
      -import {ErrorBoundary} from "react-error-boundary"
      +import {ErrorBoundary} from "blitz"
    3. You can optionally remove the resetKeys={[router.asPath]} prop because we now automatically reset on route change

🚀 New Features

  • Upgrade to Next.js 11: #2489
    • Adds <Script> Read the docs
    • Adds automatic size detection for local images (don't have to set width/height props on
    • Webpack 5 now used by default
    • blitz build will now fail if eslint errors are detected (can be disabled)
  • Change blitz eslint config to use the new eslint-config-next package from Next.js 11
  • Add <ErrorBoundary> component into core: #2480
  • Add validateZodSchema() API for better form errors: #2441
  • Add formatZodError() utility: #2494
  • Add setPublicDataForUser() — useful for updating the role of another user: #2473
  • Add RedirectError: #2483

🐞 Patches

  • Fix BlitzConfig type to allow extra fields: #2471
  • Fix pages to never render if Page.authenticate=true and logged out: #2476
  • Fix broken vercel deployments: #2479
  • Fix Page.authenticate = {redirect: '/login';} not working correctly on logout AND add RedirectError: #2483
  • Fix edit page generated by blitz generate to not have buggy behavior: #2487
  • Fix bug with <Image> and SSR for configured domains: #2474
  • Change all user facing references of next.js to blitz.js: #2438

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Use validateZodSchema() in <Form> #2441
  • Move dev dependencies to devDependencies in package.json (better for Docker): #2475
  • Upgrade react@alpha react-dom@alpha: 1c256c9

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @swinner2, @lksnmnn, @dangreaves, @dbachrach, @mabadir, @ashikka, and @kivi for helping!

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