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12 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

  • Use cookie prefix from blitz.config.js instead of package.json name field: #2311
    • To Update: set cookiePrefix in blitz.config.js to the same value as your package.json#name field:
    • Your app will work fine without setting cookiePrefix, but all users will be logged out on first deployment if cookiePrefix is empty or has a different value than your current package.json#name field.
// blitz.config.js
module.exports = {
  middleware: [
+    cookiePrefix: 'my-app-name',
      isAuthorized: simpleRolesIsAuthorized,

🚀 New Features

  • Update Next.js to 10.2.0: #2285
  • Add support for blitz.config.ts: #2283
  • Add Typescript & esmodule support and hot reloading to custom servers: #2255
  • Allow useQuery to run during SSR or SSG: #1940
  • Add ability to increase bodyParser size for queries & mutations: #2328
  • Allow using Route Manifest for Page.redirectAuthenticatedTo: #2243
  • Enable proxy support for cli/install: #2264
  • Add experimental.initServer hook for running code on server start: #2256
  • For building Recipes: New schema.prisma transform utilities: #2169

🐞 Patches

  • Fix generators not support string ids: #2267
  • Fix optional catch-all handling in routes codegen: #2290
  • Fix inability to install recipe: #2297
  • Fix can't install recipes: #2307
  • Improve recipe install log message: 2d48782
  • Add helpful message when request is missing the anti-csrf header: #2113
  • Fix useInfiniteQuery return type when suspense is disabled: #2312
  • Deserialize SuperJSON-ed pageProps before passing to dehydratedState: #2281
  • Fix Routes.X is not a function when inside a monorepo: 79ca87e
  • Fix blitz new TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null #2340

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Set Prettier as default formatter for VS Code users: #2266
  • Add a <Suspense> boundary to _app.tsx: #2277
  • Update global.d.ts to reference types from nextjs: #1995
  • Update TypeScript Default Config: Safety for indexAccess: #2291
  • move all devDependencies to regular dependencies: #2325

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Adding JIT mode for Tailwind recipe: #2304
  • Adds bumbag recipe: #2298

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @mabadir, @MrLeebo, @jxe, @Skn0tt, @mubaidr, @kirakik, @adblanc, @acornellier, @fernvilla, @silicontwin, @Roesh, @FDiskas, @ericvicenti, @Anjianto, @agustif, and @lumaxis for helping!

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