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latest releases: blitz@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/rpc@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/next@2.0.0-alpha.26...
13 months ago

🐞 Patches

  • Throw an error if using a query with useMutation or a mutation with useQuery: #2223
  • Fix npm/yarn version auditing: #2247
  • Remove beta warning from CLI because it makes people get the wrong impression: #2250
  • Fix useQuery infinite loop after logout: #2249
  • Fix blitz console circular dependency issues: #2251
  • Fix blitz console queries & mutations not loading: #2252
  • Fix blitz generate generating pages with bad links: #2245

Internal Meta Changes


Huge thanks to @Mokshit06 and @malkomalko for helping!

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