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15 months ago


  • ✅ Reduces app bundles sizes by 12%: #2039
  • ✅ Unifies all imports to be from blitz instead of some also from @blitzjs/server: #2039

How to upgrade:

  1. yarn add blitz@latest or npm install blitz@latest
  2. Address the breaking changes below

💥 Breaking Changes

  • The few imports from @blitzjs/server are now imported from blitz: #2039
    -import [stuff] from '@blitzjs/server'
    +import [stuff] from 'blitz'
  • getSessionContext renamed to getSession: #2039
    -getSessionContext(req, res)
    +getSession(req, res)
  • Custom server import changed from @blitzjs/server to blitz/custom-server: #2039
    -const blitz = require('@blitzjs/server')
    +const blitz = require('blitz/custom-server')
  • Removed blitz test cli command because almost no-one uses it: #2057

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Add blitz install gh-action-yarn-mariadb GH action config for testing a mariadb or mysql database: #2056

Internal Meta Changes

  • Fix deps: efcd1da
  • Refactor jest preset: #2049
  • added husky initialization in pre-commit: #2051
  • Docs: add kevinlangleyjr as a contributor: #2059


Huge thanks to @kevinlangleyjr and @JuanM04 for helping!

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