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latest releases: blitz@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/rpc@2.0.0-alpha.26, @blitzjs/next@2.0.0-alpha.26...
15 months ago

🐞 Patches

  • Fix Cannot read property 'toString' of null for blitz new: #2025
  • Fix db.$reset to not spew prisma logs: #2041
  • Fix invoke return type: #2044
  • Bind to by default instead of (for security): #2045

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Add blitz install secureheaders recipe for setting secure headers: #2019

Internal Meta Changes

  • Switch from tsdx to preconstruct for DX/perf improvements: #2013
  • Docs: add mitchazj as a contributor: #2028
  • Docs: add Roesh as a contributor: #2029
  • Remove need to build framework code during development 🎉: #2032
  • upgrade husky to v5: #2033
  • add manypkg, a linter for monorepo dependencies: #2034
  • use ultra for running monorepo workspace commands: #2035


Huge thanks to @Roesh, @Skn0tt, @mitchazj, and @MrLeebo for helping!

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