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16 months ago

💥 Breaking Changes

Prisma 2.13+ Support

As discussed in this RFC, the new workflow with Prisma is to use the new blitz prisma command instead of the blitz db command.

  • All blitz db commands have been removed except for blitz db seed
  • A new blitz prisma command is added that proxies all arguments to the prisma CLI.

You must follow the steps in Prisma upgrade guide for the new migration system in 2.13+

🚀 New Features

🐞 Patches

  • Upgrade next: 10.0.4 → 10.0.5
    • ⚠️ You will need to add isReady: true to mockRouter in test/utils.ts: #1681
  • Fix extra ms in API log message: #1702
  • Update tslog to version 3.0.5: #1680
  • Fix bug preventing a semicolon in session publicData: #1676

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Add isReady: true to mockRouter in test/utils.tsx for Next.js 10.0.5: 2aab361
  • Change app/auth/auth-utils.ts to use new SecurePassword utility: #1667

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Pin versions in chakra recipe: #1695

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add kyken as a contributor: #1678
  • Docs: add rembrandtreyes as a contributor: #1679
  • Update jest config for a deprecated option: #1687
  • Docs: add koolii as a contributor: #1689
  • Update all Yarn dependencies (2021-01-11): #1692
  • Docs: add malkomalko as a contributor: #1697
  • Add some tests to @blitzjs/installer: #1690
  • Docs: add rembrandtreyes as a contributor: #1698
  • Docs: add jackbravo as a contributor: #1699
  • Update .eslintrc.js on examples/custom-server to add @typescript-eslint parser/plugin config: #1700
  • Docs: add ranjan-purbey as a contributor: #1705
  • Add @creimers as a contributor: 396f7e5
  • Add @doi-t as a contributor: dcb5edc


Huge thanks to @jackbravo, @rembrandtreyes, @KATT, @kyken, @ranjan-purbey, @malkomalko, and @koolii for helping!

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