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pre-release19 months ago

🔥 Major Changes

  • Upgrade next: 9.5.5 → 10.0.0: #1385

🐞 Patches

  • Fix useInfiniteQuery broken cache: #1391
  • Fix inconsistencies with the CLI -h flag: #1257

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Move tsc from pre-commit to pre-push hook: #1362
  • Move typescript to production dependencies (so blitz db seed works on prod deploy): #1377

👀 Changes to Example Apps

  • Remove tailwind example app: #1384

Internal Meta Changes

  • Docs: add machadolucasvp as a contributor: #1380
  • Added eslint import sorting: #1345
  • Docs: add maciekgrzybek as a contributor: #1381
  • Docs: add mweibel as a contributor: #1382
  • Add sirmyron l1 maintainer: #1389
  • Add @goleary as a contributor: dbef6f9
  • Update @nksaraf as a contributor: 6df771c


Huge thanks to @maciekgrzybek, @machadolucasvp, @mweibel, @svobik7, and @sirmyron for helping!

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