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19 months ago

🐞 Patches

  • Add missing getConfig export from core for next/config: #1304
  • Update Next.js from 9.5.3 to 9.5.5: #1289
  • Fix to not run husky during new app creation: #1270
  • Fix blitz generate model to add fields to existing model instead of duplicating: #1251
  • Fix to allow babel config modification in Recipes: #1280
  • Remove "--experimental" from "blitz db studio": #1272

⚡️ Changes to the New App Template

  • Fix validateDOMNesting error from default home page: #1277
  • Add yarn/npx to global install instructions in readme: #1285

👩‍🍳 Recipes

  • Fix all recipes to add their context providers above getLayout(): #1279

Internal Meta Changes

  • Add Alexandru Stratulat as L1 Maintainer: #1271
  • Adds tests for useSession in core super tokens: #1258
  • Docs: add aericson as a contributor: #1292
  • Docs: add cajotafer as a contributor: #1293
  • Remove Simon Debbarma and Jack Clancy from L1 maintainers.: #1290
  • Docs: add aaronfulkerson as a contributor: #1295
  • Fix circular dependencies in blitz core: #1249
  • Docs: add alexnaiman as a contributor: #1299
  • Add Jamie Davenport as a L1 maintainer: #1301
  • Docs: add davidlutta as a contributor: #1307
  • Docs: add nitaking as a contributor: #1311
  • Remove Ivan from L1 maintainers & Add Patrick Engelkes as Level1 maintainer: #1310
  • Docs: add sandulat as a contributor: #1312
  • Docs: add engelkes-finstreet as a contributor: #1313
  • Docs: add jamiedavenport as a contributor: #1314
  • Docs: add wanjuntham as a contributor: #1317
  • Update Ink dependencies: #1171
  • Docs: add nahue as a contributor: #1321
  • Add @Kosai106 as a contributor: 9b0dd2c
  • Update @aericson as a contributor: 99e64fa


Huge thanks to @davidlutta, @clgeoio, @engelkes-finstreet, @Dohxis, @brunocrosier, @wanjuntham, @aericson, @cajotafer, @konradkalemba, @sandulat, @alexnaiman, @jamiedavenport, @nitaking, and @nahue for helping!

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